About the Show

Ubu assumes the role of Faust in this raucous, rapid-fire puppet comedy. Inspired by the plays of Alfred Jarry, the legends of Faust, and the traditions of Punch and Judy, UBU FAUST is a satirical exploration of a most grotesque and unlikable man and the lengths to which he’ll go to satisfy his many hungers. Well, two. Two hungers. He really only has the two.

Contains boorish villainy, laughable special effects, gratuitous wordplay, and puppet sexuality. Minimal audience participation. Except in one bit. Well, three. Three bits. But they’re simple. And relatively painless.

About the Performer

Brodrick Jones always wanted to be a puppeteer when he grew up, but forgot that particular childhood dream until he was much older and had somehow fallen into it accidentally. Previous projects include two television pilots you’ve never heard of, dozens of short cabaret acts, and a long-neglected puppet web series he really should get back to.

Follow @jigsawjones on twitter for sporadic mild humor or @brodrickjones on Instagram for drawings of monsters and robots.

Past and Upcoming Shows

September 20–23 @ 9:30PM
The Proscenium Theater @ The Drake
302 South Hicks Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
with Pantea Productions




Saturday, August 19 @ 10PM
(following the amazing Nappy)

Friday, January 27 @ 9PM
Sunday, January 29 @ 6PM
Toy Boat Community Arts Space, Asheville, NC
Appearing with ROMAN FEAST by Down With Pants


September 23-24
Chopin Theatre, Chicago IL
Following Rough House Theater’s (far superior) UBU THE KING

September 3, 11:30PM
Super Secret Show at Dragon Con

August 5th–27th (no Sundays), 9:30PM
theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall – Venue 53
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sunday, June 5th, 8PM
Standard ToyKraft
Part of the Yes to 722 Benefit Weekend

April 14th–17th
The Giant Puppet Fest at InFringe – New Orleans, LA
The Mudlark Public Theatre
Thursday 14th @ 5PM
Friday 15th @ 9PM
Saturday 16th @ 5 & 7PM
Sunday 17th @ 9 & 11PM

Saturday, April 9th, 8PM
Puppet Pandemic Austin, TX
Dougherty Arts Center

Wednesday, January 20th, 8PM
Live Arts – Charlottesville, VA

Saturday, January 16th, 8PM
Puppet Showplace Theater in Brookline, MA
Part of the Puppet Pandemic Slam



Contact UBU

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